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Who I am and what I like.

  • Hi, I'm Ben...

    The basic stuff

    I am a developer from Vancouver, BC. I am currently working on a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) at the University of British Columbia. I also have a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) from the University of British Columbia with major in Cell Biology and Genetics and a minor in Commerce.

  • Things I like...

    The play in work hard, play hard

    I enjoy playing all kinds of sports like volleyball and squash. I also like to watch a lot of movies and a lot of tv. I also love to spend time with my awesome wife and our very hyper dog.

  • More about the hyper dog.

    His name is Banner

    Above is my dog Banner, as in the Hulk, because he's a huge monster (obviously). Here is his good friend Maggie, she's not a monster.

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